Resetting the Sony Vegas Pro Workspace and Layout

A common problem in Sony Vegas Pro is accidentally adjusting the layout when you don’t mean to, and it can seem hard to fix it as you cannot undo the Vegas Pro’s workspace changes with Ctrl + Z.
Here’s a way that should work and reset your Sony Vegas Pro 10 layout back to default.

In the top left corner navigate to View > Window Layouts > Default Layout. You can also use the shortcut Alt + D.

You can also show and hide separate windows in Sony Vegas Pro 10 by checking or unchecking items within the “View” list. For example, hiding the Video Preview window would remove it from the layout.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.



  1. in sony vegas i used to be able to render part of the time line with that yellow thing but it doesnt work now so have to render the whole time line does any one know how to turn this on

  2. Hi there, I also have a problem . My FX Effects windows got stuck and i don’t know how to move it. I tried everything and nothing works ! :(( Could you help me? Thank You!

  3. Hi there, I also have a problem . My FX Effects windows got stuck and i don’t know how to move it. I tried everything and nothing works ! :(( Could you help me? Thank You! :)

  4. i have a problem and idk how to view this comment later im not sure if it will pop up telling me some one replied.

    but my problem is i used to have the color corection tab along with alot of little options in my video fx but now mostly all of them are gone HELP!

  5. How to bring up sony vegas crop window. The window to preview the crop that has the big transparent F on it is gone. Disappeared. I already reset the defaults. I see the controls for position and rotation, but not the preview window . the one with the big F. In Sony Vegas.

  6. My media generator is inop. I cant get the clouds to animate even when I use keyframing. Please help.

  7. I had the same problem, Mattia.

    The Event FX window is still there; you have accidentally hidden it and need to restore it manually, as not even un- & reinstalling the software will work.

    Look for the lines of six dots, under the X:s. Hold and pull them out, like drawer handles. One of those is the window you are looking for. You will find it. Hopefully, you still have time to finish your project. If not, maybe this post will help someone else.

  8. i have a problem with my vegas pro 11!!!! pleaaaase help!!!!!!

    I am editing a short movie about city.. i was adjusting the colors with color correcter and all of a sudden the color correcter tool failed… when i push the Event FX logo in my movie.. it wil not open the window that i need.. i deleted vegas pro 11 once and installed it again.. but still the same problem!!:(
    any1 a suggestion?? PLEASE NEED HELP CUZ I GOT A DEADLINE

  9. On the left hand side corner you will see a 6 dotted button, it is under the (x). Click on it and slide it down and the window will pop out.
    I hope this helps.

    Thanks to this guy I know somewhat of sony vegas pro 11.

    Thank You. & Please check my videos on youtube, since Im the beginner I will need help with the intros and etc.

  10. Hey Aquul i’ve been recently using your free templates for Sony Vegas 11, but i want to find out how to make that effect where it like glitching over and over..but don’t know how it would be great of you showed me thanks ..Btw keep up the good job (Y)

  11. My Video event pan/crop window is dockd/hidden sumwer… any way to get it back again???

  12. Thank you sir your epic glitch tutorial helped me a lot…as you said in the video that send me some video response so that i could see your video…help me anyone i dont know how to send video response…i forgot…anyways i got a new idea to make my new intro…and “AQUUL” pls can i also make a tutorial on my channel…using your backround or audio?i will write in the video description that the audio is by aquul…blabla…and here is the original epic glith tuto…- (link) pls can i make?

  13. When starting Sony Vegas, try and hold CTRL + SHIFT, you should get a little dialogue box up. Click Yes, and it will reset your Sony Vegas settings.

  14. Aquul, please help me with the video preview window, I cannot see the video FX im putting on a certain slide, only I can see the FX when I render the video.

  15. How do I reset the little windows that pop-up? Like I went to move my Text Media Generator Pop-Up window and it went into another window and I can’t move it anymore? Any help?

  16. aquul if i may ask were did you make your website on what website and does it have a free version or not

    thank you very much

  17. hey, when i make a new project and insert media into the video track it uses all previous media track settings like if i split a bit of media then every ting i import onto a media track is split in the same way can u help reset this?

  18. Did you ever get this figured out? I have the same problem where when I use the cookie cutter, no matter how much I cut away there is always a rectangle that will never go away in the center.

  19. Hi Aquul, I have a question to ask. In your video”Photoshop CS5: Ellipse Logo Making / Creating – Tutorial”, your background is what you could send me back without the logo please?

  20. quiero aprender a manejar este programa …de verdad lo necesito con urgencia. algien que pueda traducirlo y ayudarme se lo agrdeceria … bye gracias.

  21. hi i have a problem when i render a video it till me Invalid Device was specified and it stops what should i do ??

  22. can u plz teach us how to zoom in the MIDDLE of a video using sony vegas and how to fast forward and slow motion and how to use your templates ?????????????????:D

  23. With a green screen background, when I use the Circle in Cookie Cutter, I see a green rectangle in the middle of the black cutout! If I use the Chroma keyer to remove the green background, everything goes black, except for this green rectangle!

    Please help.


  24. There are plenty of resources on Youtube to learn how to make a wordpress website….there are even books that have step by step instructions.

  25. I was inserting media text and now it is locked in one place and
    i tryed reseting all the settings and it didnt do anyrhinf pleasee reply

  26. Thank you wery mmutch i didn’t know this i was just about reinstalling my sonyvegas. it’s intresting how i got here btw?
    i think God wan’ted to help me :p

  27. Do you know how to reset? And I do not mean the Alt+Shift thing, that doesn’t work for me…

  28. hey aquul, can you help me?can you give me a software of sony vegas 10?if its ok?where can i download it?do you have a link to it?thanks!my previous sony vegas is a trial version.

  29. aquul im haveing trouble editing the text in sony vegas pro 10. would you please help?!?

  30. dude thank you so much i kept on having to reinstall sony vegas cuz i didnt know how to get my settings back ty again :D

    And Awesome Intros :D

  31. hey i am new on sony vegas just started 3 days ago and with thE help of your tutorials i have learned a lot of thing but im stuck at a part and need ur heLp and that part is how to add fire effect blood effects downloadde frOm other site in to my vedio pleez dude i need ur help waiting 4 ur reply

  32. Hello friend to change the letters in your template to other text introduction by me as I can configures the sony vegas so it does not so much because my computer even though I work, or rather how I can configure my way but that does not change the effects and sounds …?

  33. can u help me make a cool intro like the intro: Sony Vegas Pro 10 and 9 Intro Template: Elements Intro/Promo/Trail on youtube.

    pleace i make call of duty vids and i’m making intro’s to but mine suck

  34. Can you please make a tutorial on how to make a website with werdpress?? will be helpful….

  35. heey AquuL wich software do you use for ur web design??
    pls help me there is nothing that i can find.
    ( PS: im on windows 7/xp )
    windows 7 is that of my father.
    but i want a new pc.

  36. That’s a great idea Chad, I might create another tutorial showing people how to do that. Thanks for the reply.

  37. Dang, I knew that one already. Oh well. I created a couple of different layout based upon what type of editing I’m doing (i.e. music CD, Video, YouTube,etc) and save them to quickly switch between them. Be careful, some things are NOT reset by doing back to the Default setting.

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