Photoshop: Android Logo

Learn to create the Android logo in Photoshop using the shapes tool. This tutorial will teach you the power of shapes and what you can create with them.

Tutorial notes:
Roboto font:

  • Augustine Brummel

    Very Helpful. Do you have any tips of how I can spice this logo up. I would love to have it with a 3-d test affect and glassy look. Great job on the logo. U have a good nack for this type of thing,

  • Klash

    Corey Can you add me On Facebook i wana ask you Questions about PS

  • chris

    I looked for the font for Roboto on your website that you said would be there from the video but I never saw it. Other than that, thanks new to photoshop and I learned a lot of new tools here.

  • Corey Harris

    I use Camtasia Recorder to record my screen. For more equipment info, take a look at the about / FAQ page.

  • SkriLLeX

    which screen recording program do you use?

  • Gregory

    Goog,waiting new videos :)