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    how about the sound ?? could download it ?

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    Thank you for The tutorial but i have a question can u learn us how to make the first video for aquul that when u make it at 00:01

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    Awesome tutorial! Does anyone happen to know what the song/music starting at 00:21 is called? It’s epic!

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    Is it legal to use the font in my YouTube videos?

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    Hello AquuL, can i use this intro with this song for my let´s plays on my youtube channel? thank you in advance. P.s. Great work !

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    Can you please tell me if i can use this music an image on youtube with no copyright problems?

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    how to install the orange label above the time sony vegas pro

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    Man you are awesom!! may i use this intro for my youtube channel?

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    Can you make a video about your first intr please?

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    This is Very Nice man although i did Similar To Yours, After Following All of Your Instruction And and advice, It More Understandable this way, and i have the same Sony Vegas Pro 11, that way it more easier to work on and follow. I can’t believe i just found a good tutorial! thanks you very much! man.

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    The Claw Intro wasnt made in Sony Vegas, It was made in Cinema 4D. ;) Still a Download/Guide/Tutorial wuold be awesome ;) Hope you read this ;)

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    ya claw one pleast make tutorial on that

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    whenever i render an video in blu ray the audio gets cut! pls hlp me.

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    Hey Aquul can make a sample of the claw one i wanna know how u do that thing that flash back and sooo i wanna know :( PLS FEED BACK

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    Could you please tell me where you’ve downloaded the Audiofile (Directlink to the file?!)? I’d like to buy a license to use it. Thank you.

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    where can we download fire fumefx etc. or another things for sony vegas please help. Keep Going man !

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  • AquuL

    No – it’s not required as this is a tutorial, not a template. You created it yourself. :)

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    where do your intro music ? Or do you rip them from elsewhere ?



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    Could be releasing one of these soon.

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    I Want (Lower Third)
    template for free can u upload

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    Can you show us how to render as avi format, I tried but the size went upto 1 GB making this tutorial.
    Can you please make a tutorial to show us how to render the file properly? Please?

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    i cant edit my media that i add and whenever i hit the button it doesnt do anything

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  • AquuL

    Sorry – there’s just a tutorial for this introduction. If I were to release a template of it, I wouldn’t know if people had to credit me or not. Tutorial = no credit, template = credit.

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    nice stuff..is their no template for epic glitch intro for Sony Vegas Pro 11.

  • AquuL

    Depends what type of video you’re working with. Generally, you want to render at the format most similar to the media you’re working with. This includes (but not limited to), resolution, frame rate, bit rate, etc.

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    What format is the best for output rendering ?

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    AquuL , Please make an guide to how to make your current untro im jelly … please aquul do it please !

    (the intro with that claws) 

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    could you do a tutorial about: how to  event pan/crop… i want to know how to make the black parts beneath and above the video without cutting the footage/video beneath and above… really thanks man you are helping me a lot with SVP… i really appreciate it… :)

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    I don’t believe that functionality is present within Sony Vegas Platinum 9. I would suggest downloading the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro 11 and using it’s free 30-day trial to create your introduction.

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    I saw your vids, went and got Vegas and today followed this vid and it was awesome from start to finish…thanks for this. I hope you do one where you can add logos to it. Thanks again.

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    is there another way to chanhe the compositing mode ,because i work with Sony Vegas platinum 9 ,and  when i click on that button ,it shows me only to options: Multiply and Source alpha?

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    what is the music name ?

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    can u make a tortorial of the first intro that will be nice :)

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    You press ‘M’ on your keyboard to create a marker. :)

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    Please Type in it YoyoMessi000 plz
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    Can you make me the Intro with my name ? “Josh”

  • http://www.aquul.com/ AquuL

    That’s because the intro is only the length of 9 seconds. You can easily add extra media after the introduction, and expand the timeline to an unlimited length due to Vegas being a non-linear editing system.

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    Hey I downloaded it and when I open the files onto the timeline it is only 9 seconds long, which really isn’t much time am i doing something wrong?

  • http://www.aquul.com/ AquuL

    Yeah. You may have installed it before, but it doesn’t come default with Windows. If you have the font already, there’s no need to install the font file I gave you. :)

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    Thanks for the feedback. Be sure to bookmark us, as we’re constantly releasing new content. I’d love to see some examples you have made! :)

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  • http://www.aquul.com/ AquuL

    Added, use Download Mirror.

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