Sony Vegas Template: Grunge Splatter Intro


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Free Intro Template from AquuL –

May be adapted, though must link to and contain a statement showing an AquuL template was used. For attribution enquiries, contact us.

An awesome Grunge Splatter animation and finishes with a logo stinger.

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File Size: 9.52MB
Version: Sony Vegas Pro 9 (Build 900)+
Plug-ins: None required.
Resolution: 1920×1080

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    Aquul can i send you a personal email i have a question and need you assistance.

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    I can’t see it, where exactly please PLEASE

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    i wanna change the splatter color, how do i do that?

  • OxiDE

    how do i download the template? it keeps saying “Download does not exist”

  • FaCe

    Im having trouble installing the font it doesnt show up in Vegas

  • IT Company

    can i use this intro in my video? (just school festival)

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    It asks for a password :/

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    Files are missing Corey comon man!

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    I accidentally set it download with movie studio but I have Vegas is there a way to change it back? Thanks

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    stay in aquul

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    I know its sick but can you remove the text with their company logo and name

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    in sony there is a fail …. files are missing -.-

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    Sou Brasileiro, E Gostaria Muito de Parabenizalo Por seu Trabalho..

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    thank you so much M8 Ur so talented keep it up

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  • raul Gonza

    nice intro thanks

  • Guest

    can use adobe premiere pro CS6 in it i’m just new in sony vegas

  • Luke James

    Hi how do I use this for my video intros? I don’t know how I’ll put the files like the music and edited name (I’ll put in my Youtube channel name) it’s too complex for me, is there a tutorial on it? If not can I pay for it?

  • Reece Jeffery

    Anything Higher than 11.0?

  • disqus_latmWUH5PK

    Does this work with Vegas Pro 9?

  • Oisín Molloy

    How could i edit the video to have my logo and name? I use vegas pro 12

  • AquuL

    Of course! That’s what they’re for. ;)

  • Zrko

    Hello, I really like your intros, can I use this intro for my little project?

  • Ennajari Tarèk Amazigh

    hello aquul i wanna thanks you so much for this intros :) greeting from morocco

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    look above

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    is it possible i could promote my videos on youtube when using your templates i messed up my first youtube page so now am remastering all my old vids using your templates since there way cooler than mine lol

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    Have you made all the sound effects and the backgrounds yourself?

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    Can I use it in adobe primer pro to edit the text?

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    pra q?


    Muito obrigada por criei um site com esse conteúdo , era tudo que eu precisava para fazer meus videos, muito obrigada cara, me ajudou muito *-*

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    Awesome..Amazing..keep the good work..Thanks a lot…

  • Ryan Vd Merwe

    Very cool.
    I have movie studio so am unable to open .veg files. Do you perhaps have a tutorial on this one?

  • AquuL

    Yeah, that works perfectly! The exact license agreement is outlined above.

  • Lucas

    I just have to put something like:

    Thank’s for Aquul for the template (

    on my video??

  • AquuL

    Ah – these templates were designed for Sony Vegas Pro, and not Movie Studio HD versions, unfortunately. Therefore if you’re opening it in Movie Studio HD you might have to recreate some media, or it mightn’t work at all. To be honest, I have never opened them in Movie Studio because I don’t own the program.

  • Paul Sanken

    for this template i put everything into Movie Studio HD Platinum 12 and everything worked but i wasnt able to change the generated media , it say insert, Please HELP!!

  • AquuL

    Download link is above.

  • Jibrin Ebenezer

    download a winrar it is a freeware app. use it to extract the rar file. then you can use the template. the main file has a .veg extension

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  • rauf

    where’s the download link ?

  • nemuel

    Hi.. I’m new in Vegas Pro 11.. my problem is every time i download a template it’s always a rar file.. but i can’t open it with vegas pro 11.. can you help me what to do please?

  • AquuL

    You can always use a 30-day free trial of Sony Vegas Pro 11 to render your intro. ;)

  • beshoo

    Hi I’m new in the world of Sony Vegas and I want to turn professional this program I am from Egypt Can we communicate

  • 김재욱

    why… why vegas 11…. ToT; I’m vegas 10……. ToT;;;;

  • AquuL

    There’s a download button above in the post where you can download this template.

  • Michael Calam

    how do i create the logo the ‘A’ at the end next to your name. Coz i want to create my own

  • hockeynut1997

    how do i download this??

  • CJ

    Imma change the text then sell it to some people without your permission. umad?

  • AquuL

    As long as you credit us appropriately in the video description. :)

  • Guest

    Can i use this in my youtube intro??

  • AquuL

    Currently don’t have a service set up for this, but I’ve had a few people contact me on the idea. Contact me through and I’ll see what I can do.

  • TehDutchCrew

    Can you customize it, so my yt channel will be standing there if we pay you?

  • Jared

    does this work in Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0

  • Sunny

    What’s the audio that was used? The readme file doesn’t tell.

  • AquuL


  • shorya

    Can i sell it to my frineds :)

  • AquuL

    The only way you can do this is to purchase a copyright waiver. If you’re interested in doing this, use the contact form above.

  • AquuL

    The included readme.txt will guide you through editing the template.

  • AquuL

    Yeah. As stated above, “Works with any Vegas Pro version higher than Vegas Pro 11.0 – Build 595.”

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