1. lakshmanan says

    using website.
    right -> click ->open url and copy (ctrl+c)-and paste the website.and download the fileformat you like mp3,mp4..etc

  2. Pratik Mogaveera says

    I wanted TO DOwnload psd File it says it has been removed plz give me working Link

  3. jonnycumlately says

    u sir r a dOOd !!!! & ima jealous as ……
    wtf and ura only 16 ? now im suicidal ;-/

  4. Sam says

    Umm… I was also wondering how do you edit/change the text once you’re done? Haha, I can’t figure it out… also, how do you do that text thing with multiple pieces of text or with png pictures?

  5. Sam says

    Hey! Great tutorial, just a quick question, when I get to the part of highlighting the light blue area and you hold down Alt and right click and the red fuzz appears, nothing appears in my circle, even when I let go… It has no affect… Please help! :)

  6. says

    Hi, I don’t get it, after I use the brushtool to make the highlights, and I change it to “overlay” it goes back to its original colour. No highlights at all, I’ve tried duplicating the layer many times and changing the opacity but nothing changes.

  7. Luxury Graphics says

    Thanks for the tutorial, i used the same technique to create a logo for a golf tour, and it did turn to look really professional and clean

  8. AquuL says

    You need to hold down Alt on the keyboard as well as clicking the add layer mask button.

  9. Ardyv says

    Hi aquul. Please I have a question. 8:41 , when you doing text and after then you add layer mask so my text remains white and the background will turn blue. Please can you help to me?

    //Sorry for my eng :-) I hope that you understand it.

  10. AquuL says

    The edit text tutorial was only added recently, thus, earlier comments were oblivious.

  11. CorduroyPants says

    Stop asking how to edit the text. It tells you how to in the direct link to the PSD download! Just scroll down and read people, for fucks sake!!!

  12. AquuL says

    Hahaha, feel free to just make it and ignore the PSD. When you watch the tutorial you learn more. :)

  13. Julian V Rix says

    Daaam i hate that you put the psd. files free….There is no fun in just downloading the psd. file, all the fun is in making it :D

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