Sony Vegas Template: Trailer Intro


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You MUST attribute the work in the manner of a credit line WITH EVERY USE. (e.g. YouTube video description)

Free Intro Template from AquuL –

May be adapted, though must link to and contain a statement showing an AquuL template was used. For attribution enquiries, contact us.

A trailer intro! A short trailer intro enhanced with cinematic music!

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File Size: 3.82MB
Version: Sony Vegas Pro 9 (Build 900)+
Plug-ins: None required.
Resolution: 1280×720

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    This smoke in video, how i put it?

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    cok iyi

  • Giles Croft

    The audio is missing in rar

  • hazem el khameisy

    nice very nice

  • MrEpic64s

    How to do you edit it to your likings?

  • Basid Azmi


  • Ayo Celestine

    10nks too gr8

  • Sam Duffus

    what is the song or sound called

  • Erwan Watt

    With which version of Vegas can we open it ? I got errors with Vegas 11 and 9

  • AquuL

    Hi Lyora – you need the quote “Free Intro Template from AquuL –” in each video description you use this template.

  • Lyora

    English is not very good as it is not my native language so I may have misunderstood the terms. I want to clarify: If I edit this template and use it in my youtube videos, I just need to quote “” in the description?

  • Håbip Kurt

    i want to make a frag movie abt an onlien game or promotional video.! soo i CANT :) may u help me abt this please?


    Hello darwy,
    open file .veg, only support vegas 9.0 or more, i think, becouse i try open with 7.0 and nothing :X

  • darwy

    how will i put this files on sony vegas ….??

  • tomw

    Thanks Corey for your rapid response!
    Understood regarding typo, only issue for me now is that I don’t have any RAR files!!! It is probably an issue my end though with the downloading, unless other people have experienced same problem? As said in previous post I only have the Trailer Like Introduction as a VEG file! Any support would be great! Thanks

  • AquuL

    Hi Tom. Thanks for alerting me of this typo. The “AquuL Introduction 3.rar” would refer to the Trailer Like Introduction RAR that you downloaded from this page. The readme will be updated in the next upcoming AquuL Templates update. I’ll be changing all .RAR files to .ZIP’s (more universally known), and including better readme.txt’s and licensing details. Will be out by the end of this year.

  • tomw

    Hey Corey, Its looks great but…
    in the Readme files it says
    1) Right click AquuL Introduction 3.RAR and “Extract Here”
    but I can’t find the Aquul Introduction 3.RAR file?
    Please help!!

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    thnx realy man i like you job

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    Português: Que é a fonte que usa o “introduções” ?

    English: What is the font that uses the “introductions” ?

  • Njolomole Mtonga

    great speechless

  • AquuL

    You can extract the files with any RAR extraction program such as WinRAR. Download:

  • HoodieAllen

    How do you extract the files :?

  • AquuL

    Audio isn’t included in this template unfortunately.

  • Aninstelles99

    where is audiooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………….??????

  • AquuL

    Audio is not included in this template, unfortunately.

  • Slime

    where is Audio?????????????

  • FabregasWilliams

    gracias aqull 

  • Lina

    Hey Aquul, great tutorials and video intros, keep up with the good work!

  • Mohd Afri

    Hi…ive watch ur video and download ur content…really helped me for my presentation…can u really explain to us,what is the use of “keyframe” it will affect the text animation?..i hope u would make a video explaining keyframe since im new to vegas…thanks a lot..

  • AquuL

    Using a credit card isn’t the only way to pay for a website and forum, there are many alternatives. I am 16 and I’ve managed through pre-paid cards visa, and PayPal. :)

  • AquuL

    No plug-ins are required for this template, you shouldn’t need to install any additional things. Just extract the files, and then open the .veg file.

  • Christoper

    If your 16 how did you afford to make a website and a forum, you don’t even have a credit card your lower thank 18.

  • Melanysol-22

    What’s the name song?

  • Red Leopard

    i dont have the correct plugins???? what do i do????

  • Abdullah Liman

    Thanks alot, also i send you and message @ youtube. I asked you something about background if u can help me offcourse.

  • AquuL

    Extract the contained files, and then read the readme.txt

  • Abdullah Liman

    Hey, i downloaded it but how to use this ?

  • AquuL

    Sorry – this template doesn’t come with audio.

  • Scott Dunn

    I do not see an audio file in this download?

  • AquuL

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Ricardo Moniz

    I made this with you help! thanks! :)

  • AquuL

    What happens when you try to download the file? It seems to be working fine for me.

  • Fizzydrink_99

    i cant download 

  • Fizzydrink_99

    i cant download 

  • AquuL

    You shouldn’t be getting that error. Try and redownload the template now and see if it works. If not, get back to me.

  • Action

    Nica Man Keep it Up…
    I have made this with your help please tell me if it,s bad

  • Dumbaram

    Incorrect command line