Sony Vegas Template: Elements Intro Promo Trailer


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An epic Sony Vegas trailer template full of lots of lens flares, smoke, fire, sparks, and more!

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File Size: 48.8MB
Version: Sony Vegas Pro 9 (Build 900)+
Plug-ins: None required.
Resolution: 1920×1080

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  1. the intro songs that you use are you the one that made them or you downloaded them from somewhere? please let me know by replying to this post or just emailing me

  2. HI Aquual i don’t know what i say to you , i say ur number one to helping people i really recpect your job and if i put any your intro i will put your website and ur name in the video or below the video so thank u thank u very much hope u have a great future :-)

  3. you cannot open it with other versions like Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0, only with vegas pro 9+

  4. i dont get it i dont know how to open it and with what to use it and how to add to the video :/ help please ?

  5. I like to know how you were able to get several templates to work. I just started using the software and I have nothing to help me here.

  6. When i open this in vegas it say An error occured while loading the poject file Element Intro Pormo Trailer.veg.

    An error occured reading the file.Make sure you have read access to the file/folder and that it is not corrupted

    Any advise ? help plz this template its just too siick not to use it : (

  7. Eu sou angolano, e preciso me cadastrar no aquul e não vejo como. será que podes me dar uma ajuda?

  8. Such a greaaat template, u re awesome! reaally works thanks, this is a great reference for my next video projct

  9. Hi I have downloaded this template twice under ELEMENTS IPT [6] I right click the files the extract doesn’t come up I am using windows 7, How do I use them?

  10. Hi! I’m using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.How to insert or open the veg file it says Warning: An error occurred while loading the file project.

  11. Choose the option to search for the missing file manually, and then select it from the downloaded template folder. Once you’ve located one, Sony Vegas should automatically locate the rest because they’re all in the same folder.

  12. i did just that but it doesent have the option to edit it , it just says to “INSERT” generated media….Help!! But other than that i love them!

  13. To change the text, once the project is open inside of Vegas Pro, right click any of the text media in the timeline and choose “Edit Generated Media”. You’ll be presented with a dialogue box where you can change the text, and some other font settings.

  14. Hi Corey, I’m using Vegas 11 Pro and it won’t let me play two or more video effects and text media at the same time. So if I play the fire, sparks, and a text, it won’t show them together. It will only show one or two of them, but not all three the way you have it with the fire, sparks and text all at the same time. Can you help me out?

  15. Bro love your templates please keep them coming, as a person who loves intros i would like if you made short but really amazing ones. Thank you for supplying the best Sony Vegas Pro 11 Templates. =]

  16. Thank You Very Much Aquul I have done my projects excellently just because of your tutorials and templates.Thank You Once Again

  17. The comments are powered by DISQUS. There’s a link right at the bottom right of this comment field. :)

  18. Thanks a lot! Feedback like this is much appreciated and keeps me motivated towards producing new quality content. Once again, thanks!

  19. Excelente genio… ya me estoy armando mi intro…. porsupuesto que voy a recomendar tu pagina… saludos desde Argentina

  20. I am a South African 60 year old musician who recently only started playing around with Sony Vegas. I am a Logic user for studio productions for over 28 years now, producing music for film, documentaries etc. I saw one of your tutorials and was fascinated by the way you simplified things especially for beginners like me. Thats what inspired me to purchase Vegas and since then have been following your tutorials. As a pro Logic user, I found that the functions are similar. What ever I ask Logic to do for me, it does it with no problem. The same applies to Vegas Pro and your tutorials. I think Vegas is the best when it comes to video editing. And people like you have just proven that to me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You are the man and I respect your work. Good luck with your future!

  21. You’re able to see what files are what size by clicking on the “Files Contained:” drop-down menu. The size is larger for this template than others because of the separate lens flare files.

  22. You’re able to see what files are what size by clicking on the “Files Contained:” drop-down menu. The size is larger for this template than others because of the separate lens flare files.

  23. No password is required for extraction of the files. Simply right click, and choose Extract Here.

  24. Hi, a want to ask how to make this text ”AquuL” in 29 sec..I insert Text media and write AquuL, but i don’t now how to turn letters :D (sry for my bad english :P)

  25. Thankyou! This is fabulous and just what I needed! :) I will credit this page in the description!

  26. I have vegas movie studio and it wwont work because vegas pro has more features than vegas movie studio…movie studdio is like for beginners and pro is well for pro

  27. The best! Congratulations AquuL. I’m from Brazil and I love your templates and tutorials! Congratulations… 

  28. Make sure you’ve extracted the file correctly. If that doesn’t work, try upgrading to the latest build of Sony Vegas. The current build you’re running on mightn’t be supported by the template.

  29. That would classify as a false claim. I recommend disputing the claim – there is an option on the claim page within YouTube.

  30. The music does come with the template. Read the readme.txt to guide you through the steps.

  31. i have vegas pro 9. i tried to open the file but it said there was an error while reading the file. i do have access to the file and i’m sure that it’s not corrupted. any thoughts on this?

  32. I used this for an intro to my youtube page (I am not making money off of it) and attributed it to you.  YouTube sent me an email saying that it  “may have content that is owned or licensed by DashGo/Audiobee”  there for DashGo/Audiobee is placing ads on it and making money off of it.  Just thought I would let you know.
    The url if you are needing it is

  33. when i donwload the files i doesnt get the music pls can we get it or am i doing somthing wrong doesnt find any else musick to match

  34. Unfortunately, none of the templates offered are compatible with Sony Vegas 7. I suggest updating to the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro 11.

  35. how to use downloded templets where we can copying??? which folder..of sony vegas 7…

  36. To layer multiple tracks with black background’ lens flares, you’ll wanna change the compositing mode of the desired track to Screen or Add.

  37. When I open this Vegas say’s “Warning: An error occurred while loading the file project. The application does not support this file type.” Im using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0, it should work right ?

  38. Mine doesn’t have sound on it, what should I do??
    Apart from that I have all your intro’s and all work perfecto on vegas pro11

  39. I’m actually going to change all the template files to .zip files very soon, though I’m just working on new readme’s and licenses for them before I upload them.

  40. Please can my SONY VEGAS PRO 11 work as Better as Possible like it did with u…i mean what u suggest me to increase ..or what are the good Requirements and thnx :) !!????

  41. This is most probably caused by you using an earlier version of Sony Vegas than the template was created with. I suggest updating to the latest version, or any version higher than “Vegas Pro 9.0c – Build 600”.

  42. Hi AquuL, I am a Brazilian new gamer (I’ve started doing videos a few days ago) and I love your templates, they’re very very cool. I will use this template, but i’ll edit it and i’ll give the credits to you, but I need my own channel template, can you enter in contact with me? Thanks, MrNooberGamer.

  43. By memory, it refers to RAM (or Random Access Memory), it’s temporary storage that the computer uses on open processes. If you’re running out, try the second version of the download or perform a physical RAM upgrade.

  44. Hi, at preservation gives out a mistake, writes not enough memory, forgive for my English, I from Russia (My memory 149GB (FREE))

  45. You should be able to download the template by clicking the download button above. You can also read the included readme for a guide on how to edit the template.

  46. Hi! Can you teach me how to download it? How to download? Can you make a video of a video how to download?

  47. Hi Christina – currently the downloadable templates are offered in a RAR format. Soon I’ll most probably change them to ZIP as it’s more universally known. In the mean-time, you’ll need to download a program that allows RAR extraction. Take a look at WinRAR:

  48. Hello! I downloaded one of the templates, and it downloaded as a .rar but I can’t open it with Sony Vegas or any other programs. Can you tell me what I need to do? -Thanks!

  49. Hi – just updating that I’ve fixed the issue! For some reason, the server path had slightly changed for all downloads. If you experience any other problems, please comment. :)

  50. Hi – thanks for pointing that out. I’m working on a resolution right now. Shouldn’t be too long, I’ll comment again when I’ve fixed it. Cheers.

  51. When I try to download the template, it says to me : “Download path is invalid!” do you have to same problem?

  52. Sorry – I don’t make custom introductions free of charge. Feel free to edit your own introduction using any of the templates provided on my website. :)

  53. Hey man awesome work on this intro! Must have taken you some time to make it your work is really appreciated though, keep up the great work

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