Photoshop PSD Template: Clean Professional Logo

logo thumbThis Photoshop template is a clean professional logo. Feel free to customize and use it in anyway you like!

Watch Tutorial

To edit the text in this template you’ll need to recreate the text layer mask. Unless you’re familiar with this, feel free to watch the demonstration by clicking the link above.

How to Edit the Type

The text hasn’t been created with the traditional Type tool, it’s been created with the Type Mask tool. The following guide will demonstrate how to recreate the text. This is also demonstrated in the video tutorial.

1) Delete the current Layer Mask.

2) To recreate the text, select the Horizontal Type Mask Tool.

3) Click within the canvas, and then format your text appropriately. Make sure that your text extends outward of the centre circle, as we don’t want any cut lines.

4) To convert the text into a selection, press enter.

5) With the Centre Ring selected, hold ALT (or Option on a Mac) and click the Add layer mask button.

The selection will be removed from the Centre Ring, revealing the background.


  1. Theredstoners88 says

    Guys, where the HTML failed to load as a button, highlight the link and copy it into your url bar

  2. Shano Fogjensen says

    Hellow Somebody here We are some guess that needs THE DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AfromixDJ The Best says

    please respond when u can….I want to know if you can assist me create my own logo

  4. Rob says

    I just love how we are asking for a link and no one ever helps. Where’s the DAMN LINK!?!?!??

  5. Connor Farrell says

    Doesn’t let me delete layer mask just says disable and it doesn’t let me Add Layer mask either :(

  6. Clifford Stewart says

    Where are the download links? I went to click on “Download PSD” and it sent me straight back to the main page. How exactly are you supposed to edit it if you can’t actually use it?

  7. Leandro Maciel Dos Santos says

    Essa porra não dá não eu recomendo não baixar galera eu baixei o primeiro ai deu certo mais os outro não abriam

  8. Ace Cyborg says

    Hey Corey I Would Really Like It If You Make One For Me Cause I Am Having Trouble With The Writing
    So If You Do I Will Sub To Your Youtube Channel And Like Most Of Your Videos I Want It To Say A.Cyborg . Please Email It To

    Thank You

  9. Elusive Firefly says

    But actually i gone on wrong direction while following your tutorial , then started playing with layers it totally was diffrent method in the end to which i was able to make them but it all credits to you hmmmmmmm i never could make them without your video though gracias :)) !!

  10. mohamed rani says

    hey man , thanks for the great tutorial , I was just wondering , when I removed the text you added and tried to put mine ” K ” letter in the middle of screen , it’s too small even after I made the font size 72pt , what should I do to make large K in the Middle of screen with the blue color you used ?

    thanks :)

  11. mido says

    why become like this .. even though I’ve been following the video tutorial
    please provide the solution

  12. Cameronbeaman says

    Just use bau 95 thingi on the fonts that are allready on your computer, it looks baisically the same!

  13. TeequeDesigns says

    When i hit enter after done everyting right the bckground (behind the text) is the blue hing. HELP!

  14. Swagster says

    How do you download it? It brings me to a picture of the logo when i click download PSD. Please help

  15. Go4Win says

    Hey man..that was great..But I don’t know to use PS? :(
    Could you make changes for me?Just need to edit text,type letters “DGK”,please man I need it for my clan :)

  16. AquuL says

    Could be a lot of factors causing this. Pause at the time I do it and make sure everything looks similar to mine.

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